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Lexin FT4 Pro Bluetooth Headset Dual Pack!

Lexin FT4 Pro Bluetooth Headset Dual Pack!

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We have been riding and listening to Lexins for over two years now here at Misguided, with the best battery life, loudest speakers and tough design it is THE BEST bluetooth to handle a stunt riders use and abuse. Stocked locally here in our Chicago location, this unit ships to your door next day at a better value than you can find anywhere!

Introducing the all new FT4 PRO. We’ve taken our very successful Lexin FT4, and made it even better. Have you ever needed to address a mechanical issue while on the road at night, or needed  to get into your saddlebags with both hands free? The FT4 Pro features a first of its kind Hands-Free utility headlamp. You’ll find this new utility feature to be extremely valuable in many situations. With our New LexinPulse™ sound system with upgraded 40MM LexinPulse™ speakers. The PRO model outperforms and exceeds both volume and sound quality expectations. This device features a four rider long range intercom with incredible premium sound quality and crystal clear voice functions. This kit includes all accessories needed to fit open face, modular, and full-face helmets. Using the FT4 Pro, riders can take/make calls through mobile phones, listen to stereo music or voice instructions from GPS, listen to FM radio, and much more. 

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